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Want an Immigration Bail Bond? You can count on us!

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

Imagine yourself to be under an illegal situation in a foreign country where you are unaware of laws and have no clues on what to do next. The process against these illegal acts is often overwhelming and leaves people deported from the country. Some of the cases when such occurrences can happen are:

  • Violation of visa while working inside US Territory.

  • Entering inside US territory without proper authority and then being convicted of a Crime.

  • Being a part of an illegal organization.

  • People being a public charge but staying in the US for 5 years or less!

  • Not granted asylum and summoned to be present before the immigration judge!

An immigration bond is a federal bond for which you might be held responsible for posting while being detained or arrested by the immigration department. It is entirely different from being arrested by city or other local authorities. When you are dealing with immigration bonds, things can be quite overwhelming because you are dealing with the federal government.

Non-US Citizens or immigrant detainee may apply for a immigration bail bond. At
A To Z Bail Bonds, we can provide an immigration bail bond that assures the federal government that they will be present for every immigration ordered hearing and that they will not become a burden for the States. Once bailed, the detainee can work with relatives and lawyers in environment that is conducive to protecting their legal rights.

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